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A TAS Aviation Company

Our Goal Is simple:

Maximize aircraft security and flight confidence by delivering quality compliance data to pilots when they need it.

What started as hands-on maintenance 45 years ago, has evolved into industry leading technology that tracks and organizes maintenance and compliance.

We empower pilots with unmatched data, captured in real time, to fully understand the needs of their aircraft. The result is complete control of the flying experience, freedom from maintenance worry, and independence to pursue your passion.

About us

Introducing the Cockpit Capsule



Cockpit Capsule autonomously tracks required Maintenance Events and Airworthiness Directives (AD)’s

We eliminated the guessing, the white board mounted in the hanger, and the piles of binders in the closet, and replaced them with a digital maintenance management system that never misses a minute of flight data. Cockpit Capsule captures all aircraft information and automatically checks it against one-time and recurring ADs. Now you can effortlessly track use, schedule maintenance, and fly with confidence.


Eliminate confusion and wasted time with accurate squawk tracking.

Cockpit Capsule captures pilot squawks in the app and these can be sent directly to technicians for clear and quick communication of aircraft problems. Perfect for aircraft with multiple pilots or independently owned and flown planes, where attention to detail is the top priority. Take flight with confidence with consistent squawk recording.