Aircraft Details

Aircraft Model:

Aircraft Registration Number: TEST 0001 C56
Aircraft Registration Type: Private
Will you be integrating audio? Yes
Will you be integrating engine monitoring data? Yes
If adding Engine Data, What Make and Model of Engine Monitor do you have? JPI 760
If “Other” please specify: N/A
Aircraft Year: 200
Airworthiness Date: 04/01/2021
Planned hours per year: 500
Primary Maintenance Facility: TEST FACILITY
Primary Maintenance Facility Email:
Empty Weight of Aircraft: 1000lbs
Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight: 3000lbs
Engine Details

Engine Model: Continental Motors Inc. – 6-285-B

Engine 1

Time Since New/Overhaul: 300hrs

Engine 2

Propeller Details

Propeller Model: MT-Propeller – MT-136R75-1B

Propeller 1

Time Since New/Overhaul: 1000

Propeller 2