Cockpit Capsule

Let Cockpit Capsule capture your maintenance data while you capture the sky.




Subscription/yearly Boxes Included Limit
Individual $400.00 1 1
Fleet $700.00 2 5
Corporate $2,000.00 6 Unlimited

Rest easy with Cockpit Capsule. Your real time maintenance monitor.

Cockpit Capsule by Windmill Aviation Technology, is an automated communication tool for your maintenance management. It autonomously tracks your time life and customized maintenance items, is a cockpit voice recorder, downloads and stores engine data, and collects your ongoing maintenance discrepancies with little or no user intervention.

Cockpit Capsule is a tool to help ensure that you have complied with all necessary requirements, from AD Notes to oil changes to the small personal nuisances that you prefer to track about your airplane. Additionally, by using GPS tracking data, barometric sensor data, and engine download information you can review all of your flights details and compare it to the performance of your airplane.

Lastly, Cockpit Capsule will keep all of your custom discrepancies in one safe and convenient location. So next you are flying and you notice that one item you want to mention to your maintenance facility, Cockpit Capsule is the place to store it. When you’re ready for annual inspection simply hit “send” and all critical time life items, engine data, custom discrepancies and any other data you would like to send will be sent directly to your maintenance facility